Tchaikovsky, Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and the sixth edition of the Bucharest International Conducting Masterclass and Competition

Bucharest, 13 May 2024: The Orchestra Simfonica București / Bucharest Symphony Orchestra (OSB) celebrates Tchaikovsky’s music and passion for conducting at the anniversary edition of the Bucharest International Conducting Masterclass and Competition, which will take place from 10-19 July 2024 at Sala Gloria. The event also marks the transformation of the Bucharest Music Institute / Bucharest Symphony Orchestra’s educational department into the Bucharest Conducting Academy, a platform dedicated to the professional development of talented young conductors from Romania and around the world.

A 6-year tradition: The Bucharest International Conducting Masterclass and Competition has become an important landmark in music education in Romania, offering a unique opportunity for young conductors to learn from internationally renowned masters and hone their skills under their guidance. Over the past 5 editions, the Masterclass and Competition have brought together over 350 participants from all over the world, contributing significantly to launching the careers of many talented conductors.

An unforgettable experience: this year’s Masterclass will be conducted by John Axelrod, internationally renowned professor and principal conductor of the Orchestra Simfonică București. Over 5 days, students will attend lectures and seminars, conduct and attend rehearsals with the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and a string quartet.

Masterclass Gala Concert at Sala Gloria: Active students selected following the Orchestra Simfonică București vote, will have the opportunity to conduct the orchestra in a gala concert to mark the end of the Masterclass at Sala Gloria on 15 July, showcasing their acquired talent and skills. A special moment for the first time, the audience of the 3rd district of Bucharest will have the opportunity to appreciate a selection of classical works by P.I. Tchaikovsky, performed by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and conducted by the young students.

Limited places: the Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to participate in classes and conduct the orchestra for a maximum of 25 active students. Selection of students will be based on an application form and the deadline for submission is 15 June 2024..

Bucharest Conducting Academy: The transformation of the Bucharest Music Institute, the educational department of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, into the Bucharest Conducting Academy marks another important step in the BSO’s mission to support talented young musicians. The Academy will continue to organise annual masterclasses, seminars, competitions and other events dedicated to the professional development of conductors.

Challenge and recognition at the Bucharest International Conducting Competition: In addition to the Masterclass, the International Conducting Competition, a prestigious competition that will bring together talented young conductors from around the world in Bucharest around the music of the great composer P.I. Tchaikovsky. An international jury made up of leading personalities of the classical music scene will evaluate the competitors’ performances. Jury members: President of the jury: JOHN AXELROD, Principal Conductor of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, David Crescenzi, internationally renowned conductor, Laurențiu Muntean, Manager of the Arad State Philharmonic, Mihai Badiu, Manager of the Bacau Philharmonic, Carmen Rus, Manager of the Oradea State Philharmonic, Georgiana Francu, Artistic Director of the Ploiesti Philharmonic, Emőke Kovács, Manager of the Dinu Lipatti Satu Mare Philharmonic, György Levente, Manager of the Târgu Mureș Philharmonic, Prof. Cătălin Oprițoiu, Founder of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra.

The finalists of the competition will have the joy of conducting the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra in a gala concert at the Romanian Athenaeum, a highlight of any young conductor’s career, in addition to substantial cash prizes and concerts offered by Romanian cultural institutions.

Information and registration: Full details of the International Conducting Masterclass, the Bucharest Conducting Competition, the Bucharest Conducting Academy and the application process can be found on the OSB website and the dedicated website: