Application Live Status

Application process flow

It will roll in phases. Here’s how it will work:

  • Application Phase
    After submitting your application, you will receive confirmation of receiving the application and receive an anonymous code and a link to access your application status. The applicants with “documents missing” status will be sent further information either via Whatsapp or by email.
    Statuses: application received / documents missing / awaiting application proof of payment
  • Video Audition / Jury Selection
    Once we have reviewed all applications, selected candidates will be invited to proceed to the video audition round. The jury will then evaluate these auditions to make their final selections.
    Statuses: video audition in progress
  • Acceptance
    The final acceptance decisions will be communicated to applicants after the completion of the jury selection process.
    Statuses: selected / not selected
  • Proof of payment / Seat confirmation
    After you receive our confirmation, we wait for your payment confirmation, then we proceed to confirm your seat in a 1-2 working days turnaround. Applicants with “awaiting application proof of payment” or “awaiting proof of payment” status will proceed to pay the desired package fee and send the proof of payment in PDF format via email to
    Statuses: awaiting proof of payment / seat confirmed, enrolled

The final number of participants will be made available upon the Jury decision and related to the level of the participants.